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Stainless Steel Encased Diesel Generator Sets for Coastal Applications


Stainless Steel Encased Diesel Generator Sets for Coastal Applications

Our stainless steel encased diesel generator sets are designed to provide reliable and corrosion-resistant power supply for coastal and marine environments, offering a durable solution for ensuring uninterrupted electricity in challenging coastal settings. With a focus on robust construction, corrosion resistance, and high performance, our generator sets are the ideal choice for businesses and facilities operating in coastal regions within the power and energy industry.




    Rated Voltage


    Rated Current







    Brushless alternator


    UK Deep sea/ComAp/Smartgen


    generator shutdown when high water temperature,low oil pressure etc.



    Fuel tank

    8 hours fuel tank or customized


    12months or 1000 running hours


    as our Denyo color or customized

    Packaging Details

    Packed in standard seaworthy packing (wooden cases / plywood etc)



    Lead time (days)

    Normally 40days,more than 30 units lead time to be negotiated

    Product Features

    ✱ Corrosion Resistance: The stainless steel encasing of our generator sets provides exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust, making them ideal for coastal applications where exposure to saltwater and moisture is a concern.
    ✱ Reliable Performance: Our generator sets are engineered to deliver consistent and stable power output, meeting the demanding requirements of coastal and marine settings.
    ✱ Durable Construction: The robust and durable construction of our generator sets ensures longevity and reliability in challenging coastal environments, contributing to long-term operational efficiency.
    ✱ Adaptability to Harsh Conditions: Designed to withstand the rigors of coastal environments, our generator sets are equipped to handle the unique challenges posed by saltwater, humidity, and other coastal elements.
    ✱ High Efficiency: With advanced fuel management and power generation technology, our generator sets offer high efficiency and cost-effective operation, catering to the energy needs of coastal facilities.
    ✱ In conclusion, our stainless steel encased diesel generator sets represent a fusion of reliability, durability, and corrosion resistance, making them the preferred choice for businesses and facilities operating in coastal and marine environments. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on meeting the unique needs of coastal users, we continue to set new benchmarks in providing dependable power solutions for challenging coastal applications.

    Product Applications

    Coastal Power Supply: Our stainless steel encased diesel generator sets offer a corrosion-resistant and reliable solution for powering facilities, equipment, and operations in coastal and marine environments, ensuring continuous power supply despite the harsh coastal conditions.

    Product characteristics

    Diesel generator sets for coastal applications are generally used on ships and have the following characteristics:
    1. Most ships use supercharged diesel engines, while small boats mostly use low-power non-supercharged diesel engines.
    2. The marine main engine works at full load most of the time, and sometimes operates at variable load.
    3. Ships often sail in bumpy conditions, so marine diesel engines should work under conditions of trim 15° to 25° and heel 15° to 35°.
    4. Low-speed diesel engines are mostly two-stroke engines, medium-speed diesel engines are mostly four-stroke engines, and high-speed diesel engines are both.
    5. High-power, medium- and low-speed diesel engines generally use heavy oil as fuel, while high-speed diesel engines mostly use light diesel.
    6. If the propeller is driven directly, a lower rotational speed is required in order for the propeller to have high propulsion efficiency.
    7. When large power is required, multiple engines can be combined. When sailing at low speed, only one main engine can be maintained.
    8. Medium and high-speed diesel engines drive the propeller through a gear reduction box. The gearbox is generally equipped with a reverse gearing structure to achieve propeller reversal, but low-speed diesel engines and some medium-speed diesel engines can reverse themselves.
    9. When two main engines are installed on the same ship, they are divided into left engine and right engine according to the installation position and propeller steering.
    Unlike land-based diesel generator sets, marine diesel generator sets have special performance because they are in a special environment.