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Square vertical solar energy storage light tower

Solar Light Tower

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Square vertical solar energy storage light tower

Kingway is powerful in R&D,KWBT-1800L is deign for minning using,so it's equip with high configuration like LFP battery,hydraulic 9m mast,hydraulic panel lifting,Victron remote system.High level for ultimate user experince.

    Product Introduction 

    Kingway energy,with a strong focus on safety, reliability, and intelligent technology. With a focus on energy efficiency, versatility, and durability, our solar light tower is the ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution in the solar energy industry.No matter how unique or specialized of your project , we are well-equipped to handle it with precision and efficiency. Trust Kingway for all your energy needs!

    Product Introduction 



    Place of Origin:




    solar Panel

    6× 435W

    Panel Lifting

    0°~120° Hydraulic Lifting

    GEL/LFP Battery

    × 200Ah DC12V,Auto-Fan

    Battery Capacity

    19200Wh 80% DoC

    System Voltage




    AC Charge


    backup generator


    Wind turbine






    Packaging Details:

    Plywood/ Wooden case/ EPE foam

    Delivery Time:

    About 45days

    Supply Ability:

    300 units/Month

    Product Features

    ➣ Solar-Powered Efficiency: By utilizing solar energy, the beacon reduces reliance on traditional power sources, offering cost-effective and sustainable illumination.
    ➣ 360-Degree Rotating Design: The beacon’s ability to rotate 360 degrees allows for flexible and customizable lighting coverage, catering to diverse lighting needs.
    ➣ High quality, More than 16 years of production experience,Products exported to more than 100 countries

    Product Applications

    Construction sites,Parking lots and outdoor spaces,Roadworks and maintenance,Mining and remote locations,Temporary Security Needs
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    Product Advantages

    1 Easy to install, the solar lighthouse can be installed in minutes, providing instant security for your use. If your installation location changes, just move it to a new location.

    2 Packaging method: LCL shipping, the mobile solar lighthouse is packed in composite wooden boxes, and all spare parts of the solar lighthouse will be put into a composite wooden box. Since the solar trailer is a large product, the wooden box for packaging will be very large, and a wooden box may weigh more than 1,000KG. To ensure smooth transportation, a forklift and a suitable unloading platform are required for loading and unloading.

    3 For full container shipping, the mobile solar tower is packed on a pallet, the equipment is locked on the pallet, and the side walls of the solar trailer are protected with foam. At the same time, we will specifically protect the solar panel tower pearl cotton from damage. Make sure your solar panels are voice protected.

    easy to use

    ➣ The telescopic height pole of the electric elevator can also be remotely controlled to raise the light pole to the desired height.
    ➣ The touch screen displays the operating status of the control device.
    ➣  PC remote control.