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Solar Surveillance Trailer-Kwst900s

Surveillance Trailer

Solar Surveillance Trailer-Kwst900s

Our solar surveillance trailer-KWST900S is a cutting-edge solution for remote monitoring and surveillance in coastal areas. It integrates advanced solar technology with high-quality monitoring equipment to provide reliable and sustainable operation in challenging environments. This innovative system is designed to enhance safety and security along coastlines while minimizing environmental impact.

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    Product Introduction 

    Kingway energy,with a strong focus on safety, reliability, and intelligent technology. With a focus on energy efficiency, versatility, and durability, our solar light tower is the ideal choice for businesses and organizations seeking an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution in the solar energy industry.No matter how unique or specialized of your project , we are well-equipped to handle it with precision and efficiency. Trust Kingway for all your energy needs!




    Place of Origin:




    Solar Panel

    3 × 435W

    Panel Lifting

    30°~38°,Electric Lifting

    GEL/LFP Battery

    6 × 200Ah DC12V

    Battery Capacity

    14400Wh 80% DoC

    System Voltage


    CCTV Device

    Customer Mount

    Power Supply





    60A MPPT


    5 Sections 9M

    Mast Lifting

    Electric Winch

    Trailer Standard

    US / AU / EU


    2'' Ball / 3'' Ring






    15 inch


    4 ×

    Forklift Holes

    2 ×

    Wokring Temp


    Charging Time

    9.3 hours

    Running Time

    4 days for 120W Device





    QTY in 20' / 40'

    3 units / 7 units



    AC Charge


    backup generator


    Wind turbine






    Packaging Details:

    Plywood/ Wooden case/ EPE foam

    Delivery Time:

    About 45days

    Supply Ability:

    300 units/Month

    Product Features

    ◔ Integrated Speaker System: The built-in speaker allows for the broadcast of important messages and announcements, providing a comprehensive communication solution in addition to lighting.
    ◔ Durable and Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, our monitoring beacon features a robust and weather-resistant design, ensuring longevity and reliability in challenging environments.
    ◔ High-Definition Monitoring: Equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, the lighthouse provides high-definition video surveillance and real-time data collection. This enables efficient monitoring and rapid response to potential incidents.

    Product Applications

    ◔ Construction Sites: Our solar-powered monitoring tower is perfect for illuminating construction sites and providing a communication platform for broadcasting important messages and announcements to workers.
    ◔ Residential Areas: It can be used in residential areas for security monitoring and public address systems, enhancing safety and communication within the community.
    ◔ Correctional Facilities: The monitoring and broadcasting features make it suitable for use in correctional facilities, allowing for effective communication and surveillance capabilities.
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    why choose us

    Why you must choose: solar surveillance trailer:

    1 Highly flexible and portable, drag it wherever you need it. The equipment does not require wiring installation. It solves the power supply problem of the equipment through solar power generation and storage, and can be quickly deployed to any area that needs to be monitored. Move according to on-site needs to ensure coverage of monitoring and management without blind spots.

    2 Integrate monitoring, communication, lighting and other functions into one to provide comprehensive service support for the construction site. It also integrates a variety of AI functions, such as crowd control, temperature and humidity monitoring, dust monitoring, etc. Body temperature sensor, noise sensor, etc. At the same time, the system supports multiple signal transmission modes, such as 4G, WIFI, etc., to ensure the safety and smoothness of data transmission. These functions can be customized and configured according to the needs of the site, so that the monitoring system can not only monitor safety issues, but also effectively manage environmental factors.

    3 Able to achieve 24/7 real-time monitoring. Through front-end data collection equipment, such as cameras and sensors, dynamic information on the construction site can be captured in real time and transmitted to the back-end monitoring center through the network. This real-time monitoring capability helps to promptly detect and deal with potential safety issues and improve the safety management level of the construction site.

    4 Monitoring systems usually have intelligent detection functions, such as regional intrusion detection, cross-border detection, motion detection, etc. These intelligent functions can automatically identify abnormal behaviors and issue timely alerts, thereby improving safety precautions on construction sites. At the same time, the system can also perform data analysis to help managers better understand the operating conditions of the construction site and make more scientific decisions.

    5 There are no maintenance and operating costs, providing an efficient monitoring solution for construction site managers. This not only improves work efficiency on the construction site, but also enhances the ability to respond to emergencies.