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12kw 16kva waterproof silent diesel generator for home use


12kw 16kva waterproof silent diesel generator for home use

Our diesel generator sets are designed to provide reliable and efficient power supply for residential use, offering a dependable solution for ensuring uninterrupted electricity during outages or in off-grid locations. With a focus on compact design, low noise emissions, and ease of operation, our generator sets are the ideal choice for homeowners seeking a reliable backup power source in the dynamic power and energy industry.

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    About Kingway energy
    Kingway energy,with a strong focus on safety, reliability, and intelligent technology, our generators are tailored to meet a diverse array of needs. Whether it's for industrial, commercial, heavy-duty, or residential purposes, we have the perfect solution to cater to your requirements. Additionally, our super silent generators are ideal for noise-sensitive environments. No matter how unique or specialized your power project may be, we are well-equipped to handle it with precision and efficiency. Trust Kingway for all your power generation needs!




    Rated Voltage


    Rated Current







    Brushless alternator


    UK Deep sea/ComAp/Smartgen


    generator shutdown when high water temperature,low oil pressure etc.



    Fuel tank

    8 hours fuel tank or customized


    12months or 1000 running hours


    as our Denyo color or customized

    Packaging Details

    Packed in standard seaworthy packing (wooden cases / plywood etc)



    Lead time (days)

    Normally 40days,more than 30 units lead time to be negotiated

    Product Features

    ❂ Reliable Performance: Our generator sets are engineered to deliver consistent and stable power output, meeting the stringent requirements of residential applications.
    ❂ Compact Design: The compact size of our generator sets makes them easy to install and suitable for homes with limited space, offering a convenient power solution without occupying excessive room.
    ❂ Low Noise Emissions: With advanced noise reduction technology, our generator sets operate quietly, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a peaceful environment for homeowners.
    ❂ Easy Operation: User-friendly controls and simple maintenance requirements make our generator sets easy to operate and manage, catering to the needs of homeowners without extensive technical knowledge.
    ❂ Efficient Power Generation: Our generator sets utilize efficient diesel engines to provide reliable and cost-effective power supply, ensuring energy security for residential users.
    ❂ Portability: The compact and portable design of our generator sets allows for easy relocation and flexibility in placement, accommodating varying needs and preferences.
    ❂ Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Compatibility: Our generator sets can be seamlessly integrated with automatic transfer switches, enabling automatic power transfer during grid outages for hassle-free operation.
    In conclusion, our compact diesel generator sets represent a fusion of reliability, efficiency, and convenience, making them the preferred choice for homeowners seeking a dependable and space-saving power solution. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on meeting the diverse needs of residential users, we continue to set new benchmarks in the home power generation industry.

    Product Applications

    Residential Power Supply: Our diesel generator sets offer a reliable and compact solution for ensuring uninterrupted power supply to homes, providing peace of mind during outages or in remote areas where grid power is unavailable.
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    Product Advantages

    1. Daily maintenance of Class A silent generator set:
    1. Check the working report of the silent generator set.
    2. Check the silent generator set: consumption level and coolant level.
    3. Check daily whether the silent generator set is damaged or leaking, and whether the brake is idle or idle.

    2. Weekly maintenance of Class B silent generator set:
    1. Repeat the daily maintenance level and carefully inspect the silent generator set.
    2. Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter element.
    3. Drain the water or sediment in the fuel tank and fuel filter.
    4. Check the water filter.
    5. Check the starting battery.
    6. Start the silent generator set and check whether there is any impact.
    7. Use air and clean water to clean the air conditioning piece at the front and bottom of the cooler.

    3. Detailed maintenance methods for E-class silent generator sets
    1. Replace engine oil, mute, bypass, water filter, replace engine oil and engine circulating water.
    2. Clean or replace the air filter.
    3. Disassemble the rocker arm chamber cover and check the valve guide and T-shaped pressure plate.
    4. Check and adjust the valve clearance.
    5. Replace the upper and lower pads of the rocker arm chamber.
    6. Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt.
    7. Check the supercharger.
    8. Check the electrical circuit of the silent generator set.
    9. Check the excitation circuit of the motor.
    10. Connect the wiring in the measuring instrument box.
    11. Check the water tank and external cleaning.
    12. Repair or replace the water pump.
    13. Disassemble and inspect the main bearing bush and connecting rod bush of the first cylinder for wear.
    14. Check or adjust the working condition of the electronic speed control.
    15. Align the lubricating points of the silent generator set and inject lubricating grease.
    16. Aim at the excitation part of the silent generator set for dust removal.
    17. Check the axial and radial clearance of the supercharger. If it is out of tolerance, repair it in time.
    18. Clean and calibrate the fuel injector and fuel pump.

    4. Detailed maintenance methods for Class D silent generator sets
    1. Replace the silent filter, oil filter, water filter, and replace the water and oil in the water tank.
    2. Adjust the fan belt tension.
    3. Check the supercharger.
    4. Disassemble, inspect and clean the pump and actuator.
    5. Disassemble the rocker arm chamber cover and check the T-shaped pressure plate, valve guide and intake and exhaust valves.
    6. Adjust the lift of the oil nozzle; adjust the valve clearance.
    7. Check the charging generator.
    8. Check the water tank radiator and clean the external radiator of the water tank.
    9. Add water tank treasure to the water tank and clean the inside of the water tank.
    10. Check the silent machine sensor and connecting wires.
    11. Check the instrument box of the silent machine.

    5. Detailed maintenance methods for Class C silent generator sets
    1. Repeat the daily inspection of the Class A silent generator set and the weekly inspection of the silent generator set.
    2. Replace the silent generator oil. (Oil change interval is 250 hours or one month)
    3. Replace the oil filter. (The oil filter replacement interval is 250 hours or one month)
    4. Replace the fuel filter element. (Replacement cycle is 250 hours or one month)
    5. Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (The replacement cycle of the water filter element is 250-300 hours, and add supplementary cooling dca to the cooling system)
    6. Clean or replace the air filter. (The air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours)